Principal Investigator

Portrait photo of Brendan David-John

Brendan David-John
Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Virginia Tech

Ph.D: University of Florida 2022
MS: Rochester Institute of Technology 2017
BS: Rochester Institute of Technology 2017


email: bmdj AT vt.edu

Office #3203
220 Gilbert Street
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Personal Website: brendandavidjohn.app
Google Scholar
Erdős Number: 4
Dijkstra Number: 4


Student Engineers’ Council (PI, 2023-2024) Funding to support speaker engagement for CubeFest 2024 Total: $9500

VT Diverse Voices and Perspectives Lecture Series (PI, Fall 2023) Funding to support speaker Amelia Winger-Bearskin Total: $750

CCI SW Virginia Node Research Engagement Program FY23 (PI, 2023-2024) Team Building and Privacy Expert Recruitment for a Workshop on Bystander Obscuration in Wearable Augmented Reality Displays Total: $20,000

Virginia Tech ICAT Major SEAD Grant (PI, 2023-2024) Securing Trustworthy XR Interactions through Human-Machine Networks in Healthcare Total: $25,000

Virginia Tech Center for HCI Planning Grant (PI, 2023-2024) Understanding the long-term impact and perceptions of privacy-enhancing technologies for bystander obscuration in wearable AR displays Total: $15,000

Virginia Tech LAUNCH Proof-of-Concept Program (PI, 2023-2024) Prototype Refinement and Customer Discovery for Bystander Privacy in AR Systems Total: $50,000

Virginia Tech 4-VA Pre-Tenure Faculty Research Grant Proposal Program SP23 (PI, 2023) Personalizing machine-learning guided navigation interfaces in Virtual and Augmented Reality Total: $15,000

CCI SW Virginia Node Innovation: Ideation to Commercialization FY23 (co-PI, 2023-2024) Protecting Bystander Visual Data Privacy in Augmented Reality Systems Total: $50,000, co-PI share: $6,007

Meta Research Gift (co-PI, 2022-2023) Enhancing Privacy Notices: Visceral Interfaces for Eye Tracking in VR Total: $50,000, co-PI share: $25,000

Virginia Tech Policy Scholar Professional Development Program (PI, 2022-2023) Framing the intersections of policy with security and privacy in the future of XR technology Total: $10,600

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