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Privacy Guarantees for Eye-Tracking Datasets


Projects exploring methods that achieve formal privacy guarantees for eye-tracking datasets in the context of defending against re-identification attacks on gaze-based biometrics.

Privacy-preserving datasets of eye-tracking samples with applications in XR (IEEE VR 2023)

Brendan David-John, Kevin Butler, Eakta Jain. 2023.
In IEEE Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) Special Issue on IEEE Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR) 2023.

Providing Privacy for Eye-Tracking Data with Applications in XR

Open access dissertation document available through UF libraries.

For Your Eyes Only: Privacy-preserving eye-tracking datasets (ETRA 2022)

Brendan David-John, Kevin Butler, Eakta Jain. 2022.
In Proceedings of 2022 ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA ‘22 Short Papers).

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